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Мысли вслух

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Снежок выпал уууу нафига (



Перекурчик вот сласть то какая)



Эвридэй страгл




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Мысли о проблемах в реале: "Когда закончится весь этот кошмар?"



Блин блин дома наконец



Тру дамагер нана зафейлил 80% траев



Чу хочу чууууу






Хронология AoBS, тома 1-5

●World War I. Assesment of mankind commences via Admirality Code.

●The Treaty of Versailles is signed.

●A team led by Chemestry Nobel Prize recipient Fritz Haber attempts and fails to extract gold from seawater in order to repay Germany's massive reparation debt, The team also includes Edmund Gauss, father of Johannes Gauss.

●Picking up the pieces of the failed gold extraction plan, Edmund Gauss discovers something odd within their data.

●Izumo Kaoru, Sub-Lieutenant in the Imperial JApanese Army, studies abroad at the University of Berlin. There he meets Johannes Gauss.

●Johannes Gauss discovers his father's research data and begins his own research into the material mentioned within it -- material supposedly too smal to be viewed even with a microscope. Gretel Hexe Andvari enters the research lab as Gauss's assistant.

●Johannes Gauss performs in-depth study on seawater samples from around coast of Europe. He maps regions where the material in question is found.

●The same year, he shows map ti his friend Izumo Kaoru, who agrees to aid Johannes in his study. Izumo Kaoru also encauters "Bismark Sisters" around this time.

● Johannes Gauss and Izumo Kaoru discover a link between the region of the sea where the mysterious material was located and areas with reported sightings of ghost ships over the past century.
They continue to investigate.

● Gauss and Kaoru identify a pattern of correlation between the region and the ghost ships.

● Johannes Gauss learns of the Admiralty Code's existence.
He begins to search for it in order to fend off his homeland's inevitable defeat in the war.

● The Admiralty Code appears.

● The Admiralty Code activates, and Union Cores across the globe initiate preliminary awakening procedures.

● The Admiralty Code deactivates. Johannes Gauss, Izumo Kaoru and Gretel Hexe Andvari go missing.

● The Admiralty Code vanishes. The Bismark Sisters remain the sole witnesses to it.

● The Allied Powers (US and England) discover Johannes Gauss's research facility. The research materials seized there seems so preposterous that they're filed away and buried in the National Archives after only a cursory inspection. There, the information is lost to time.

●The Russian Navy develops the "VA-111 Shkval" torpedo, which uses the "super-cavitation effect". Deploys them.

●During these ten years, the rate of loss of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet increases by 59%. Concerns over rising sea levels increase.

●The United States Department of Defense reveals the existence of an experimental vessel based on the "Underwater Express" plan that it had revealed in 2005. They announce that the experimental vessel achieved an underwater speed of 110 knots.

●From this time on, sightings of "ghost ships" are reported around the world. They all state that the fog set in and they saw a battleship from World War II.

●Many country around the world start deploying high-precision, homing "supercavitation torpedoes". Since these torpedoes can exceed 250 knots, every ship made before them are made obsolete in one stroke. Every country is forced to rebuild their naval tactics from the ground up.

●Almost all normal torpedoes are replaced by "supercavitation torpedoes". Now with torpedoes that can exceed 300 knots, battles on sea are changed forever. The world enters an era of trial and error: ships are made extremely big, extremely small, and so on.

●With all activation conditions met, Union Cores initiate their awakening sequence. Due to the Admiralty Code disappearance, the Cores carry out only the orders that have already been received -- and in so doing, become bane of humanity.

●The concept of ghost ships becames mainstream, rather than restricted to belivers in paranormal. Sightings off all the world's coasts become more frequent, and the ships' origins become a widespread topic of debate.

●For trespassing on Russian waters, a Russian patrol fleet engages the "ghost ships". The fleet was annihilated.

●International wariness about the "ghost ships" rise. Serious investigations into them by many countries results in nothing.

●The "ghost ships" start attacking the navies of world in December.

● Every navy in the world sustain losses of over 5%. They finally form a "multinational fleet." From this time on, people starts calling the "ghost ships" the "Fleet of Fog."

● A few small- and medium-scale battles take place, but all of them end in the defeat of the humans. The surviving ships regroup in preparetion for a final battle.

●These remainig ships converge on the Fleet of Fog , whitch launces a heavy assault. The resulting conflict, later known as the Great Battk=le, rages for two days. It culminates in loss of 70% of the world's ships and more than 600.000 human casualities.

●The only victory for the humans was the successful capture of the "I-401 " by JMSDF Commander Shouzou Chihaya.

●The captured "I-401 " is taken to Yokosuka. Even though she is subjected to various analyses and inspections, she remains a complete mystery.

●The "Fog" complete their "global blockade."

●The US forces, which were left on Japan, is absorbed into the JSDF to form the "United Forces."

●The "National Maritime Institute of Technology" is established to preserve and pass on maritime technology and culture, which was disappearing slowly.

●The Japanese government stops its investigation and analysis of the I-401. As the only vessel capable of fighting the "Fog", the government ignores the opposition party and decides to deploy her for actual combat. The crew is now-Captain Shouzou Chihaya and his subordinates.

●The I-401 is sent on her maiden (manned) voyage. However, she loses contact in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and goes missing. The vessel and its crew are declared a loss.

●The I-401 suddenly returns to Yokosuka without any of her crew. The I-401 is locked up after this.

●An unmanned probe patrolling close to Japan spots someone thought to be Captain Shouzou Chihaya on the bridge of the Superbattleship of the Fog Musashi. The Japanese government descends into chaos and confusion.

●The "Facility No. 4 Fire" happens

●I-401 breaks out and sets sail. Its whereabouts are unknown. Four days later, I-401 appears before Gunzou Chihaya. The existence of "Mental Models" are confirmed at this time.

●I-401 and Gunzou Chihaya, along with 3 students of the National Maritime Institute of Technology, shake free from the government and escape.

●The presence of the ocean blockade creates enough challenges to dissolve humanity's unified front against the Fog, as buried grievances boil over. Several of the Balkan states erupt into civil war. More and more invasions take place as other nations are dragged into conflict, witch eventually expands what becomes known as Great European War, leaving Europe on the verge of total collapse. Only England manages to escape the turmoil.

● I-401 moves to Sasebo and uses it as her base of operations. Shortly after, she sinks the flagship of the Second Fleet of the "Oriental Fleet", battleship Hyuuga. The Second Fleet is thrown into dissaray, and the Fog is forced to redestribute its forces.

●The "Vibration Warhead", which was proposed by Professor Osakabe as an anti-Fog warhead, is completed. But the impoverished Japan is unable to produce it

●The Vibration Warhead production project starts. The United States of America is chosen as the country of production. Four attempts to transport the plans fails.

●The Assistant Secretary of the Ministry of Military Affairs, Ryuujirou Kamikage, proposes a plan to use I-401 to transport the sample. The leaders of the Decentralized Capitals give their consent.



О боже за что мне это... /на мотив "о боже какой мужчина".../



Бесит жить в +5 часовой зоне. Ты уже встал (в шесть утра, если не раньше), кучу всего сделал, а тут все до сих пор спят.



Ем постную пищу - толстею.
Ем скоромную килограммами - и не толстею! Вот чудеса!



Сельдерей! *о*



Снова все мои мысли... О сельдерее  http://rom-brotherhood.ucoz.ru/CodeGeass/Design/fox/fox-7-.png  http://rom-brotherhood.ucoz.ru/CodeGeass/Design/fox/fox-8-.png



Новые джинсы на 3 размера меньше предыдущих)



Сегодня я узнала, что сладости побуждают похоть. Выходит, если я сладкоежка, - то я <...>?

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Сегодня я очень много следил за разными СМИ, за разными странами. И увиденное в одной из них поражает. Это то, за что действительно стыдно. То, после чего начинаешь думать: а что конкретно я могу сделать?



Хочу ещё одну премию :З



Когда же, наконец, закончится вся эта возня с работой в лаборатории и с попыткой сдать зачёт автоматом?!! [icon]http://s019.radikal.ru/i600/1705/84/25844d49fe02.png[/icon]


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